Made In Oregon Teardrop Trailers

Teardrop trailers are essentially a camping trailer except that it has a streamlined teardrop shape. It is comfortable, convenient and relatively compact in comparison to a regular camping trailer.  Not limited to North America, teardrop trailers are immensely popular and used all over the world. Teardrop trailers are quite light, and easy to tow. Most vehicles, even with 4 cylinder engines, and even some heavy motorcycles such as Harley-Davidsons and Honda Goldwings can tow teardrop trailers conveniently. The main reason for the popularity of teardrop trailers is that they facilitate a more uncomplicated lifestyle, away from the chaos of the city, and get people closer to nature.

We Take Pride in every Custom Teardrop Camping Trailer we Build.

With over 5 years experience building and restoring teardrop trailers, it comes second nature to us! Quality, dependability and experienced workmanship make these trailers one of a kind! Below is a list of our Standard Options included with our Traditional Builds. Make sure you check out our upgrades page for Customization Options.

Owning a teardrop trailer is a very fun and economical decision one can make. It’s fun because no matter where you go you’ll be sure to draw some attention to yourselves and make new friends in the process! It’s economical because you can pull one with such a small car, you’ll know that you’re not spending a huge amount on gas to get you and your teardrop trailer to a campground. In the process you’ll be helping the environment by not having to burn so much fuel like someone with a large truck and RV would.


Following are the standard options that come with each and every one of our teardrops:

* Linoleum flooring
* 2 Coats of Urethane on wood surfaces
* Exterior Table
* Neutral Colors
* 2 Exterior Doors 28″x36″
* Tongue Jack with Wheel
* 15 inch Wheels and Tires
* Pass-through cabinetry w/solid hardwood doors
* Laminated Galley counter top
* Inside shelf
* Manual roof vent
* Custom built welded frame w/upgraded torsion axle

* Black powdercoated frame
* 12V system w/lights, 2 outlets
* 110V system w/2 outlets
* 1 year Limited Warranty

Oregon Teardrop Trailers


Our Teardrop Trailers with standard options are priced as follows:


4’X8′ = $11,145
5’X8′ = $11,645
5’X10′ = $11,995

Standard powder coated  stocked colors $275.00 for sides Roof $205.00

Specialty powder coated colors $375.00 for sides Roof $275.00